Dirty Dozen~

This list is a best estimate of noxious/invasive plants which will have a significant impact in Yavapai county in the future. This list does not include many invasive plants already known to be in the county due to 1) their populations exist most everywhere in the county; 2) their populations are very large at these locations; and/or 3) their presence may have a significant impact already. This list is a dynamic and can be revised at any time when new information becomes available.

For definitions of noxious and invasive weeds see the following:
National Invasive Species Council - http://invasivespeciesinfo.gov/cofo.gov/
Arizona Invasive Species Advisory Council - http://www.governor.state.az.us/AIS/
Arizona Department of Agriculture - http://www.azda.gov/PSD/quarantine5.htm

The following list is found near or in these communities: Black Canyon City, Mayer, Congress, Segliman, Camp Verde, Bagdad, Kirkland and the Tri-City area.

The Dirty Dozen

12 of the most noxious/invasive weeds found in Yavapai County, Arizona
according to the Yavapai Weed Management Area (YWMA)

Noxious weeds

Common name:                          Threat level:                    Comments:           
Spotted knapweed                      High                       Aggressive perennial
Russian knapweed                       High                       Aggressive perennial
Scotch thistle                            High                       Biennial forb
Yellow starthistle                       Medium                  Very aggressive annual
Dalmatian toadflax                     High                       Snapdragon-like flower
Hoary cress                               Medium                  Also called “whitetop”

Invasive weeds

Common name:                          Threat level:                    Comments:           
Cheatgrass                                 Medium                  Annual weed
More details on Cheatgrass CLICK HERE
Tree of Heaven                          High                       Large compound leaves
More details on Tree of Heaven CLICK HERE
Giant reed                                  Medium                  Can form dense stands

Russian olive                              Low                        Fast-growing tree

Salt cedar (aka Tamarisk)          Medium                  Common along streams or lakes.
More details on Salt Cedar(Tamarisk) CLICK HERE
 Siberian elm                           Medium                  Considered a poor ornamental
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